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Charleston dance - что это?

   Tell the exact location of the dance impossible, though these days in Charleston, South Carolina, you will not only show that the dance was born here, but even demonstrate a concrete place - orphanage “Jenkins Orphanage” - according to legend, it was the children-orphans from the orphanage invented dance, later called was a new dance was fast dance was simple dance was a dance that you can dance with a partner, and alone. Кроме Чарлстона много танцуюет Ирландия.

   But most importantly, the first dance, which erased the line between «dance, dance» and «dance, on which see« - by 1925, it danced, everything seemed. Dance critic Roger Pryor Dodge recalled police in St. Louis, to regulate traffic, dancing the Dance halls and hotels are regularly staged dance competitions, where shown hundreds of variations of the basic step of officially it is considered that in  74 movement). One of the most famous competitions in чарльстону was held in 1925 at the "Orpheum Theatre in Kansas city. Won Leonard reed, the future founder of the Shim Sham.

    Unfortunately, Leonard could not receive his award - a competition was «only for whites», and although he managed, thanks to its light skin, participate in it, someone was jealous of his win and gave away his secret to organizers of competitions  was the king of dance, but suffered the fate of any of the «fashion» phenomenon in 1926, a new «fashion» dance - Black Bottom, was to be forgotten, as previously been forgotten Bunny Hug, Apache Dance and many others.  Salvation came in the form of a new fashion dance - Lindy, which has absorbed many of movement. And in another thirty years, and when Lindy Hop out of fashion,  returned, this time in the form of two rock ' n ' roll dance - Charley Bop and Mashed Potato, просуществовавших, though not for long.

And then it took another fifty years  again started to dance on both sides of the ocean...


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