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Ирландия - Riverdance Ireland dance

   Ireland is renowned incomparably rich dance culture. Global interest of Irish dance in the last 10-20 years in connection with the advent of Irish show spectacular. In Russia it is widely known "Riverdance" and "Lord of the Dance". What explains the attractiveness of Irish dance?

     Perhaps, the history of traditional Irish dance should be calculated from the time of the Celtic peoples - the Gauls), which established their own state in the 5th century B.C. These peoples were distributed throughout Western Europe, and in the third century ad, the Gauls reached. The oldest known type associated with the Irish dance, Sean-Nos Celts, who lived in the British Isles 2000 B.C. In the XII century under the influence of culture Norman conquerors in were dancing round dance around the person singing the song. In the 16th century, dances, dances were performed in the palaces. But two centuries later, in Ireland a wandering teacher of dance - the founders of two of today's popular species-groups and solo. In the fifth century, St. Patrick announced the land of Christian. Due to the oppression of culture of Ireland, which began in the 18th century, national dances for a long time runs only under cover of strict secrecy.

    Folk dances strongly condemning the Christian Church "insane" and "who brings bad luck". Some historians believe that the typical stationary position of your hands on your waist appeared in Irish dance only after the Church announced the movement of hands in Irish dances obscene. As England won the adjacent land and the neighboring peoples were subjected to cruel pressure: it is known that for the destruction of the nation, first you must destroy its culture. During the English colonization of the persecution against all manifestations of Irish culture. Punitive laws that were introduced in England in the mid-17th century forbade the teaching of Irish anything, including music and dance. Therefore, over half a century Irish dancing lessons learned in secret.

  Dance culture existed in the form of secret activities that were performed in the villages wandering dance teacher in the form of large rural parties where people danced in groups, often by the same masters. The emergence of masters of dance - itinerant teachers in the early 18th century the school of contemporary dance. Give yourself a shelter "dance teacher " was considered a great honor. Teacher of dance, usually bought for a month. In the early 19th century Irish villages and towns were also popular competitions. Big cake was placed in the center of the floor and served as the prize for best dancer. Style solo dances got the name Sean-nos. Solo dances performed by the wizard. In the weight group dances rethinking Irish lad French quadrille and котильоны. Студия танцев изучает Котильон на уроках исторического танца.

   Modern Irish dancing begins with the end of the 19th century in connection with the creation Гэльской League. She has set a goal: preservation and development of the Irish language and culture, music and dance. Their work was often not only to the preservation and enrichment of the existing culture, and also contributed to unite them under a new, often controversial, but one common set of rules. However, this sport was very convenient to enhance the entertainment and competitions. In 1929, a Commission was established Irish Dance, to establish uniform rules dances, competitions and judging. As a result of changed significantly dance technique. Dance schools have the opportunity to use the large halls and a broad stage. The dancers stopped to limit themselves in space and motion, and this enriched Irish dancing many new steps and jumping, including passages all over the stage. Was completed rule to keep hands strictly along the body. But some of the other provisions still exist today. Since 20-s-30-s due to Гельской League of women were much more likely to participate in competitions and teach dance schools.

   Today Irish dance continue to conquer the world. Dance schools, which include the national Irish dancing, attract many followers not only in Ireland but also in many other countries. Regularly in the world there are four major competitions - the national championship of America, All Irish championship Britain and the world championship. By tradition, the world championship is held in Ireland, and he came thousands of dancers for whom decent result at the world Championships, which can become the beginning of a brilliant career. For example, in 1998 the world Championships held in Ennis (Ennis), brought three thousand, and seven thousand coaches, teachers and supporters. It is interesting that in the championship can take part any dancer level, be it a start-Amateur or professional of the highest class. Ирландия и история культуры.


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